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Our mission is to create a new  standard in the audio visual industry. We want to give our clients peace of mind about their events.

When you work with ZEN, your'e in qualified hands.

To cut to the point, we've listed some key reasons below. 


We can help advise you on what type of event to have, in order to achieve your goals and vision.

We review your options with you, while guiding you on the specialized techie side of things.


One of the reasons our events are so flawless is our abilities to anticipate problems and resolve them before they develop. Another reason is our organizational skills. With our system, your event runs in perfect harmony. 


We pride ourselves on our expertise and troubleshooting capabilities. Our Engineers have been doing this for years. We eat, sleep, and breathe audio visual.


We innovated our own show system. We've taken different aspects of platforms, combined it with experience, added a touch of genius, and ended up with our trademark event structure.


Our techs and engineers have decades of experience. Our directors have managed a multitude of events. 

You won't find a job we've never done before. 


We are all made up of Chicagoland area contractors. Which means even other audio visual companies hire us for our expertise.  You know you're amazing when your competition wants to hand you a paycheck. 



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